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Deer : Nature Live Wallpaper 1.04


     Category: Desktop Enhancements / Wallpaper

Description of
Deer : Nature Live Wallpaper
Deer : 3D Parallax Nature Live Wallpaper is animated / moving live wallpaper with beautiful landscape with mountains, trees, rocks, stars, particles and sun in background and jumping deer in foreground. All elements of live wallpaper are animated using parallax effect to create 3D simulation when you rotate the phone.

Live wallpaper contains settings which include:
Background color - change background to any color
Sun color - change sun and highlights to any color
Stars color - change stars particles to any color
Particles color - change particles to any color
Parallax - change amount of movement
Quality - change overall quality of live wallpaper (this can greatly influence fps)

*Note: Parallax effect only available for devices with accelerometer, compass and gyroscope
Deer : Nature Live Wallpaper
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Author: Brox inc.
License: Freeware
File Size: 8.4 MB
Downloads: 72

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